We think of particular importance for the activity done that we shall only use equipments, which is world-class and at the time of installation is the latest one. The industrial technology and electronic is changing and developing so fast that only the latest products assure for a service company keep-up with the first-line. This development is extremely valid for the equipments used in medical treatment. Therefore we chose the equipment type Philips Litho Diagnost ME at the beginning of our activity and/or in case of blood vessel examinations the equipment also made by Philips, namely Integris CV 12.

PHILIPS Lithodiagnost ME

Since the establishment of ESWL technology the PHILIPS Medical Systems has been playing pioneer role in gallstone, kidney stone-decomposition and/or in utilization in orthopaedy.
The kidney-stone decomposition equipment type Philips HM3 developed on the basis of electro hydraulic shock-wave generation by PHILIPS is called since that time by the professionals as Golden standard".
This principle - shock-wave generated by the spark-discharge under water - is also used in the new generation equipment type PHILIPS Lithodiagnost ME.