The INTERGRIS CV is a coplanar cardiac and vascular system with C-arm stand and digital X-ray imaging system to cardiac and vascular procedures.
Imaging includes:
  • digital fluoroscopy
  • digital data collection and - image viewing and - storage

Built-in SyncraNet system with LAN for simultaneous/individual processing at segment level. Fully balanced C-arm hung at the ceiling which can be rotated on the ceiling, enabling patient to be approached from three directions and covering the whole body. Motorized rotation, angulation and positioning to sharpen image. There's a possibility also for manual stand movements. Motorized rotation:
  • rotation from degree 115 LAO to degree 195 RAO
  • rotation from cranial 90 degree to caudal 90 degree

Changeable screen distance for focus and image sharpening: 90-120 cm, with balanced/motorized control.
Carbon plane table
  • metal-free hanging 125 cm
  • floating table movements: 100 cm lengthwise and 2x18 cm crosswise
  • motorized height-setting: 76-104 cm

General data collection
  • 100kW X-ray generator
  • program selection
  • pulsating X-ray to the pulsed fluoroscopy (6.25, 12.5, 25 images/sec., 50 Hz; 7.5, 15, 30 images/sec., 60 Hz)
  • min. exposure time: 1ms
  • auto kV and mA and image timing exposure
  • auto kV and mA setting
  • X-ray depth collimator
  • filtration of low-energy rays to optimize the photo quality and dose efficiency.
  • SyncraPulse fluoroscopy
  • three programmable modes, each includes:
    • dose rate
    • pulsating or continuous fluoroscopy
    • filter-set
    • noise reduction
    • characteristics of fluoroscopy
    • stopwatch with fluoroscopy.

CCD based Digital imaging
  • XTV 17 TV-chain with state-of-the-art high-performance medical image intensifying tube
  • CCD-camera chain with 12 bites digital output
  • XB 21" TG 21CM monitor CyberScreen and TripleGun technology. Features:
    • Extra sharp image
    • High-number display to sharp view of the smallest details
    • Ceiling hanging

Digital data collection

The data collection segment coordinates parameters of the automatic exposure providing the optimal load for X-ray tube to the best image quality.
Maximum number of examinations: 100
Maximum series number: 999 including also two supplementary sets of images per each examination.
The highest efficiency is ensured by the image processor with 4000 MIP equivalent and was planned to process high speed images.

  • 10 bit 30 MHz. A/D conversion
  • flexible contouring with a 9x9 matrix.

Image viewing

The image viewer segment enables table side image viewing with the help of infrared remote control unit.

Maximus ROTALIX tube with mesh wire

MRC 04 07 X-ray tube. Content:
  • Maximus ROTALIX ceramic tube MRC 200 GS 0407 with 0.4/0.7 mm nominal focuses
  • with 2.4 MHU thermal storage capacity
  • Spectrabeam filtration up to 0.2, 0.5, 1mm Cu equivalent
  • cooling unit: heat exchanger CU3101 to oil-cooled systems

Bolus Chase contrast medium tracking

In case of bloodstream, especially towards the lower organs, difficult to estimate for display of vascular structure. This tool solves the problem of difficult steps derived from the 'the lack of adjustment' between the blood-stream and the selected program, as well as the lack of real-time projection. During non-stop collection of real-time data the contrast medium tracking is provided by a continuous motorized table scanning movement with speed adjusted to the blood-stream.
To make the operator's work easier the contrast medium is tracked either by interactive speed control or by programmed speed control when speed-curves can be selected.
Display in subtractive or non-subtractive mode. Interactive tracking of contrast medium.
The scanning speed as well as the frame rates is program-driven and speed-curves adapted to the blood-stream can be selected from the program.

Rotational angiography

The rotational angiography is a data collection procedure, which enables 3 dimensional insight into the vascular structure. The C-arm is rotating while collecting images.
One of the data collection programs of the system selects the procedure and the specific parameters. Operator can choose the initial and final positions of the rotation which are memorized by the two-position ACP.
Rotation speed: 30 degree/sec.
Imaging speed of Integris CV: max. 25 (30) image/sec.

High speed (HS) DICOM image interface version 3

An open Integris system enables the integration of the equipment to various networks and information systems.
HSDII Interface provides the forwarding of image files and exposure/records, heart-beat, set of records by the Image Server function to DICOM based destinations such as Radiological (RIS) and cardiologic PACS, Easy Vision 4.2.2 systems or to optional Integris 3D-RA dedicated to Integris V- and Allura.
HSDII enables also storage of DICOM images, DICOM based images and attached information.

Desktop display operating console

Syncra Rouch desktop display operating console with data management for numerous diseases. Display workstation including alphanumerical keyboard to handle patients' data, panel and XB 17 inch monitor, TG17FM monitor serving for displaying and review of high-resolution images.

Other advantages:
  • wind down/up
  • display speed control
  • step records
  • selection of a path-map recording
  • electronic locks
  • intensity and contrast control
  • contrasting
  • video invert
  • image storage and deletion

Angiomat Illumena digital injection system (with stand)

Aim of the Angiomat Illumena injector is to inject a contrast medium impermeable for X-ray into the vascular system for radiological vascular test or CT examination. According to its configuration the injector can be used in angio or CT mode. The injector is equipped with flow rate, volume and pressure microprocessor controller.
The applied injector system can be selected: either 150 ml disposable or 150 ml reusable injectors.

In angioradiology (angio) mode the injector has the following characteristics:
  • flow rate: 0.1 - 40.0 ml/s and 0.1 - 999 ml/m
  • volume: 0.1 - 150 ml
  • pressure limit: 2100 - 8300 kPa (300 - 1200 PSI)
  • speed increase: 0 - 10s
  • injection/X-ray delay: 0 - 300 s
  • languages can be chosen by the operator: English, French, German, Spain

Laser camera
(Type: KODAK DryView 8100, with built-in PrintServer PL 25)

Technical parameters:
  • network adaptation to DICOM 3.0 PRINT CLASS imaging equipment and work stations
  • real laser-beam lightning
  • dry development
  • laser film with size 35*43
  • fully automatic daylight film-filling
  • print performance 55 film/hour
  • pixelization 325 dpi
  • built-in automatic image quality control with built-in densitometer