Company profile

Our company - the Avas Egészségügyi Centrum Kft (Avas Medical Centre LLC) - as legal successor of the Yuppie-Cassandra Limited Partnership company - was founded on 19th December 1994, with an equity capital of HUF million 21.5. Main activity of the company is medical activity, namely walking-case, bed-case attendance and other humanity activities. The medical director is Dr. Miklós Dajka. The managing director of the company is Dr. Zsuzsanna Argay Úri-Szabó.

Our company has been continuously operating since 2000 in field of medical attendance. The first lithotripter of type Philips Litho Diagnost ME was bought also in that year. By this equipment we are doing medical service in urological wards of several large towns of the country. Via mobile equipments our technicians can mount the devices into a Mercedes Sprinter van and transport it to site of therapy, where after starting-up the treatment of patients is done.

Following the increasing demand, for sake of high level attendance of patients we bought the second equipment of type Philips in 2004 and/or the necessary vehicle. By this time we were already represented in more large towns of the country as Szolnok, Salgótarján, Berettyóújfalu, Szekszárd, Zalaegerszeg, Budapest. Our aim was certainly to attain our equipment to more places where until now there was no possibility for such kind of treatment of nephrolith-patients. Of course to do this it was necessary that our equipments were operating reliable and/or to have sufficient medical background. Therefore Dr. Habib Safadi urological head physician has been employed from 2000 continuously, who has many years professional experience and/or more excellent urologist of more large town has been supervising our activities. We signed contract for high level assistance for 365 days for the equipment.

As a result of the above work in 2002 the number of contracted hospitals increased, so that we were present also in Budapest's Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital and/or in Cegléd. Beyond the initial equipment rental we aspired continuously to sign contracts with the hospitals for complex medical service. The company profile has been extended by the end of 2002, i.e. - after a considerable preparations - in the Hetényi Géza Hospital of County Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok we took over the operation of obsolete angiographic laboratory. As part of the project our company renewed totally the laboratory room at site and started-up world-wide exceptional level angiographic equipment, which was bought from Philips Hungary Ltd. With the use of the equipment and help of team lead by radiology head physician Dr. Miklós Dajka our company achieved significant improvement of treatment of angiographic disease and healing rate of County Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok.

Since second half of 2004 our company has been operating the angiographic ambulance, which is also very important in treatment of vascular diseases and prevention, also in site of Hetényi Géza Hospital. Our aim is that also by means of this activity we could prevent and/or early recognize the signs of vascular diseases and give appropriate guidance to the patients about the further treatment.

The company has actually 13 employees, which consists of following:
  • Managing director
  • Medical director
  • Radiologist: 2 persons
  • Urologist specialist: 3 persons
  • Technical director
  • Financial manager
  • Secretary
  • Technicians: 3 persons